Delay of the day: Sky pause gives some punters an edge

A full-time punter (I hate the phrase ‘‘professional punter’’) has done a statistical study showing an overwhelming correlation of the last tote update (which happens about 40 seconds after the jump) and ‘‘events’’ in the first few seconds of the races. In other words, if a horse gets a ‘‘fly’’ at the start, its projected dividend dips. If a favoured horse ‘‘blows’’ the start, everything else ‘‘tightens’’ and the slow-away horse ‘‘eases’’ slightly in the tote approximates.
It is important to remind ourselves, under the governmentrequired rules for the TAB, all ‘‘parimutual’’ betting must close no later than precisely when the race actually starts. Not doing so would put the TAB’s government licence in jeopardy. The starter’s button used to be connected to the tote – when he pushed his button, the tote shut down instantaneously. Now, it appears to be done manually by someone watching Sky Channel. The difficulty with any manual method, however, is that there is a slight signal delay with the Sky picture. Progress isn’t always positive. Continue reading “Delay of the day: Sky pause gives some punters an edge”

Racing administrators look like they’ve given up with ‘on-course’ punters

Racing administrators seem to have given up with “on course” punters. They appear to be resigned to “betting ring” habituates trending to extinction. When a punter takes some time off from going to the races and they return, they mutter things like “it’s better at home, you know more about what is going on”. Continue reading “Racing administrators look like they’ve given up with ‘on-course’ punters”

My criticism of Tommy Berry hits close to home

Sorry, Gai. My wife was furious when she read my piece last week, before publication, on Tommy Berry’s poor ride on Mardi: “You can’t publicly knock my jockeys. You’ve got no right to put into print our private thoughts. Please ring the editor, now, and remove that part from your column.” The conversation wasn’t helped by our being in the company of a couple who were lawyers, with a lot of defamation experience. One said: “On reading it, Gai, it is fine, it is only defamatory of you and your training!” He didn’t help the situation. Continue reading “My criticism of Tommy Berry hits close to home”