Randwick 7 July 2018

Michelle Payne is a great asset to racing and I like and admire her very much. I want her to be successful.

However, when you are publicly vocal on an issue (as she is), you must expect debate. Michelle had a lot to say about Sandown on Wednesday. She has publicly complained about Flemington and other tracks in the past.

May I gently point out; Michelle’s “walk” doesn’t match her “talk”? Continue reading “Randwick 7 July 2018”

Canterbury 23 May 2018

When I started bookmaking, the betting fluctuations were printed in the following day’s paper.

The newspaper flucs invariably had the best price always being around 100% and often less than 100%. The bookies eventually made a product out of the top fluc, and still, like it had been for the previous 150 years in the betting ring, the best price was always around 100%. Two years ago, the corporates took over the fluctuations and changed its rules – now it has to have on 6 of 9 corporates for at least 30 seconds, resulting in short odds Continue reading “Canterbury 23 May 2018”