Bendigo Cup Day

Image: State Library of Victoria

I was delighted to work at Bendigo on Wednesday for the Bendigo Cup meeting.

It was a public holiday in Bendigo and there was a big crowd for the meeting.

I wasn’t on the stand as a bookmaker, but rather as a clerk working for my good friend Warren Woodcock. Continue reading “Bendigo Cup Day”

Caulfield Cup Day 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed Caulfield Cup day, this despite the punters shooting straight for the majority of the meeting and finishing well in front of us bookies.

While I am normally very complimentary to the Caulfield track boss, Jason Kerr, but I was indeed perplexed why, for their premiere meeting, it was both irrigated (almost an inch) and the Verti-Drained Caulfield. Madness to me. Continue reading “Caulfield Cup Day 2018”