Rosehill Saturday 8 September 2018

The track at Rosehill played well on Saturday.

The curator told Sky Radio in the morning that the track that it “just” ‘8 heavy’.

To my eye, the track played more like a heavy 10 plus, and the times back this up, which again is a touch disappointing considering that while it did rain during the week, the amount of mm’s that landed on Rosehill should not have put the track in the heavy 10 range. Another example of how tracks in Sydney in this era can’t cope with rain. Continue reading “Rosehill Saturday 8 September 2018”

Kensington 5 September 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting on the Kenso track on Wednesday. The ‘Kenso’ or Kensington track, is the inner track at Randwick. It has almost become a novel event to race there these days, whereas from 1996 to 2014, racing was common on the inner track. But over the last few years, the track has undergone a redevelopment and although we have only had two meetings back on the Kenso, I am very happy with the way the track is coming up. Continue reading “Kensington 5 September 2018”