“Musings in the time of Corona”

Were a hypothetical genie to have appeared on Earth in the late nineteen century and said he had a wonderful invention for the world but, to share it with us, he required over a million souls to be sacrificed annually, he’d be “sent packing”, with the genie, no doubt, muttering: “But they’d really like motor cars”.

Today, we know we could eradicate Australia’s 1,100 victim’s road toll by banning cars. We, quite rightly, have decided to put up with that awful human cost in exchange of the convenience of driving. Continue reading ““Musings in the time of Corona””

“Thoughts in the time of Corona”

In his opus, “The Weather Book” (1863) and inscribed on his eponymous barometers, Admiral Fitzroy declared “long foretold, long last, short notice, soon past.” [not a great poet]

With the Global Financial Crisis, it all happened in slow motion and took eight years to clear. Darwin’s captain (and governor of New Zealand) would shake his head, if he still were about, saying: “long last”. Continue reading ““Thoughts in the time of Corona””

“Life in the year of corona”

Hats off to the Peter V’Landys: a miracle racing is going on. All due to this man. Well done! And Thank you.

Being practical, it would a disaster were a jockey to contract the dreaded lurgy. Racing would be “off’. Some trainers, foremen, blacksmiths and strappers could get the bug and racing would probably cope and continue. But a sick jockey is an “existential” threat. Continue reading ““Life in the year of corona””