Canterbury 23 May 2018

When I started bookmaking, the betting fluctuations were printed in the following day’s paper.

The newspaper flucs invariably had the best price always being around 100% and often less than 100%. The bookies eventually made a product out of the top fluc, and still, like it had been for the previous 150 years in the betting ring, the best price was always around 100%. Two years ago, the corporates took over the fluctuations and changed its rules – now it has to have on 6 of 9 corporates for at least 30 seconds, resulting in short odds

It now a disgrace and embarrassment. It should not be called ‘best fluc’ – a better name would be best f____! It rhymes well!

Consequently at Canterbury on Wednesday, I took the roll as the eagle-eye and jotted down the top fluc prices, prices that were outrageous to say the least; they were…

Race      best fluc %

1             114.9

2             113.4

3             113.89

4             111.55

5             112.6

6             109.6

7             104.6


It is outrageous.


Last week I complained that the vision provided for the Warwick Farm races, unfortunately could not keep up with the speed of light (or even close), and was therefore shown at a big delay to everyone in the world who was not watching the race live at the ’Farm (and that was most people in the world I can tell you!). I am happy to say that this week at Canterbury on course the problem was resolved – resolved in terms of the vision. This week it was the sound from the sky channel feed that took on a bizarre twist. The horses jumped, and five seconds later, the famous call of ‘racing’ echoed through the speakers. Five seconds! The caller, who was watching the horses from a tower and calling them live, was being delayed five seconds before he was heard by the masses. This is madness, and another big disadvantage for the punters. I heard calls of horses that were supposably in pockets, that I could see running down the outside; calls of horses that were leading, but had since taken cover, and falsehoods of horses storming over the top, that I knew had missed out from watching the race live. We need everything to go as well as it can in racing to stay relevant, especially at metropolitan tracks, and this delay, that has no reason to be there, needs to be fixed immediately.

To say nothing of the unwitting punter betting in run on Betfair, with the five second delay. Lambs to the slaughter!

If they can’t have it real time, there should be a written warning. Unconscionable.

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