Get the Facts Straight – claims Rob Waterhouse as he explains the reality of racing thoroughbreds

This piece is allowed no photographs!
Stories normally need photos, but this article is about the odd people who are attacking horse racing. Photos are like oxygen. The protestors can’t be allowed any exposure, so no images are in this piece.
Well, perhaps a cartoon.
Annoyingly, these protestors concentrate their attacks on Gai with billboards, placards and advertisements, often showing Gai ‘photo-shopped’ beside a poor dead equine.
We won’t show Gai, she’d be devastated.
They choose Gai only because her face is so well known.
There was a large billboard last week on an important Melbourne road, showing a pitiful dead horse, with the caption: “Is the party really worth it?”.
Racing was aghast.
Pressure was brought to bear on the media company who lease out the sign and it was taken down. The ad was placed by the for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR), no doubt pronounced ‘creep”, a private (i.e. you can’t join) organisation using a grant from Voiceless, which is opposed to factory farming. Sadly, two men I admire, Bob Carr and Michael Kirby are patrons or council members of Voiceless.
Voiceless makes quite a few grants, but never to animal welfare itself. Nothing for real animals. Ever. The grants are often to journalists, the journo code of conduct notwithstanding. CPR are quite dishonest in the photos they create – for instance, Gai being photo-shopped into a photograph with a horse she has never had anything to do with, that died five years ago.
CPR’s public claims are always rubbish.
Some non-facts they assert are:
• 15,000 thoroughbreds are sent to slaughter by the industry, which is nonsense.
A recent study, commissioned by the Australian Racing Board, ‘followed’ 3,224 retiring horses. It found only six were sent to the knackery
• Slow horses are purposefully broken down by their trainers for the insurance money. Of course, you can’t insure against “breaking down” and it would be a criminal act by a trainer against the insurance company.
• Two-year-old racing is bad for horses, which flies in the face of every study.
Two-year-olds have much longer racing expectancies.
• Only 30% of racehorses ever race. Again, totally wrong.
Voiceless are “anti-speciesismists” (my made-up word, I don’t believe there is a word for describing their view), declaring that being all species are equal. They advocate that a person humanly destroying a horse be prosecuted for murder. They further say a lion, who eats an antelope should be prosecuted. Their ‘all species are equal’ argument seems ‘nice’, but is totally absurd.
Anything to do with eating or exploiting animals (or even their eggs or milk) is totally wrong for these anti-speciesismists. But, more critters lose their lives at the hands of vegans than with meat eaters. A fattened steer can produce 400 kilograms of meat, would that be 2,000,200gram portions or three years of meat for one person every day. By contrast, the corn field (or any crop) is regularly sprayed, killing countless of God’s creatures (insects). Then the harvesting machine kills the rodents. Lots die.
Vegans’ hands are not clean!
Two things are important to be said:
• Firstly, thoroughbreds are brought into existence for racing. They would not have been created without racing, and they lead happy, worthwhile lives and must be grateful they are cared for.
• Secondly, 70,000 good Australian citizens earn their livings from racing.
They love horses and are good people.
Good on them.
A curse on these fools. May they become voiceless.

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